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First Aid for Your Pets

Sore muscles

One tablet of Arnica Montana every 3 hours. Stop use when soreness stops

Hot Spots

Best thing for them is to keep them dry, and use Gold Bond Powder. Do not use hydrocortisone
cream as that will just make a hot spot worse by keeping it wet.


Apply direct pressure to control bleeding. Use a Neosporin-type ointment for minor wounds two times per day. Gaping wounds may require sutures.

Choking or Not Breathing

or gagging or coughing, watch to see if pet will clear airways on his own.
If not breathing:
1. Touch eyeball to see blink response,
2. Check mouth for foreign object (pull tongue forward slightly),
3. Close mouth, cup hands in circle over pet's nostrils, and gently blow in air,
4. Call your Veterinarian.

Rash on Skin, No Pus

Apply hydrocortisone cream twice a day. If not clear in 24 hours, see your Veterinarian.


If your pet is still eating and active, try a bland diet such as boiled chicken and rice or chicken baby food. IF not clear in 24 hours or blood develops in the stool, contact your veterinarian. (do not feed baby food with onion content to dogs or cats)


Try bland food (see above). If your pet vomits more than one time and your pet stops eating, call your Veterinarian.

Bee Sting

Apply cool compress to sting area. Dogs - give one 25 mg. Benedryl tablet to dogs over 25 pounds in body weight. (liquid Benedryl 1 mg. per pound may be used for small dogs). Cats - Cool compress only.

Snake Bite

Same as bee sting except also call your Veterinarian.

Hit by a Car

Muzzle animal to control a "fear or pain" bite. A shoestring works well in an emergency. If your pet cannot walk, slide him onto a blanket to use as a stretcher and call your Veterinarian.

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