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How Keesies Spell Success!

PDA - Maya

Maya was born with a heart defect. As a puppy she was diagnosed with a grade 6 (6 being the most severe) PDA. Most dogs diagnosed with this don't live a year. At the age of three her people decided that she no longer fit in their family so they contacted PPKF. After taking her up to CSU Veterinary Hospital, where they were amazed that she had survived this long, the cardiologist on staff decided that she was a candidate for surgery. The cardiologists at CSU had never seen a dog survive past a year so they want to monitor Maya to check on how her heart adjusts to the surgery. In dogs that have the surgery as puppies, they don't have to have any follow-up and they live completely normal lives.

Maya has been adopted to her forever home.

Hip Surgery - Gunnar

Gunnar came to us as a very young boy who had been hit by a car. His hip was so badly damaged that it had to be fused. Someone forgot to tell Gunnar that he should walk with a limp for the rest of his life. If you didn't know it had happened, you would never know his rocky start.

Gunnar has been adopted to his forever home.

Liver Shunt - Adonis

Adonis was adopted from the Colorado Humane Shelter in Colorado Springs. He was a 5 month old puppy with chronic"giardia". It wasn't until he was 2 1/2 that he was diagnosed with an external liver shunt. He was given a 25 percent chance of survival, but he took those odds and beat them. The wonderful doctors at CSU are indeed miracle workers. Maybe we should have sent him to Las Vegas...hmmm...

We lost Adonis to a blood clot several years later. He was only 4 but was loved for every minute he was in our lives.


Tumor Removal - Kuna

Kuna came to us with tumors on her belly that had to be removed. She is the cutest, perkiest, keesie you would ever want to meet. Like most Keesies, she struggled to regain her coat because of the extensive shaving, but we are proud to say that she had chased away those tumors and now has about 2" long fur on the majority of her body.

Kua has been adopted to her forever home.

ACL - Shana

Typical of most athletes, you push yourself too far and something has to give. Shana had to have ACL surgery but unlike humans, her recovery was as short as she could get away with.

Shana lived to be 12. She is now at the Rainbow Bridge with her first PPKF family.

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