Peak to Peak
Keeshond Fanciers, Inc.


Peak to Peak Keeshond Fanciers, Inc. was started in 1985 by several people who had a variety of interests in the breed, showing, obedience, tracking, rescue, and breeding quality dogs per the American Kennel Club standard, and following the Keeshond Club Of America Code of Ethics. In September of 1985 the club was recognized by the state as a non-profit organization. The club in the early years was very active in pursing the goal of becoming sanctioned by AKC to host regional specialties and eventually a National Specialty here in Colorado. Over the years the interest in the club became predominately involved in the rescue of the breed. In November of 1997 the club was converted to 100% rescue and our non-profit status was officially changed to a 501 C3.


To provide rescue and placement assistance to abandoned or unwanted purebred Keeshonden; and to promote the ongoing education of the Keeshond fancier and of the general public to knowledge and care of the Breed; and, to do all in it's power to protect and advance the interest of all breeds of companion animals.
Our placements of rescued Keeshonden are mainly in the state of Colorado, or in Wyoming just over the boarder within easy driving distance. We do not place out dogs on a "blind date" basis (meaning without the dog and people getting a chance to meet in person), and do not transport or ship our dogs out of state.


We are a group of people who own or are interested in the Keeshond breed of dog (pronounced "Caze-hond'). We are dedicated to the protecting, and promoting of purebred Keeshonden. We urge members when breeding their Keeshonden to accept and abide by the breed standard set forth by the AKC. We require members to adhere to the KCA Code of Ethics when breeding and selling.

Most of our members reside in the greater Denver area, but we have members as far north as Fort Collins, and as far south as Falcon, CO. We have associate members, on the western slope of Colorado, in Wyoming, New Mexico and Montana.

We host meetings four times a year in March, June, September and December. The meetings cover all Club business, have a social atmosphere, we usually share in a pot luck lunch, and sometimes have guest speakers. Our June meeting is usually in conjunction with our annual Club picnic which is always a great deal of fun to witness the coming together of 40-50 Kees in one park and all getting along well. Our December meeting is usually our Christmas meeting and we choose a restaurant to hold our meeting and enjoy either a brunch or lunch.

When our parent club in conjunction with a regional club hosting the National Specialty is close driving distance, we will collect items to sell as a fund raiser at the Specialty. Those who drive out to help, get to experience seeing 200-400 Keeshonden in one hotel, which is quite an experience!

Since our main objective is the rescue of purebred Keeshonden, we like to see members active in helping out by fostering or transporting dogs for vet appointments. If you want to learn more about the placement process we encourage members to do so. Fostering a scared Keeshond that has lost their family, and watching it come back around and finding a good permanent loving family for that dog is most rewarding.

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