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Sometimes dogs come into our program and because they are too old or too sick, they never find their forever home.

They become permanent foster dogs, loved by their foster family but not able to be loved by a family that will pick them.

We want to share some of these dogs with you to show that even though they are not able to be placed outside of the rescue club, they are special and deserve their story being told. Here are the dogs that we have as permanent foster furkids.

We would willingly accept contributions to their care if you would like to sponsor one for any occaision.

Thank you!

Pouncer 13 years old

Came to us from a military family that was moving overseas and could not take him with them. Foster mom is reporting that he is doing well.

Keso 15 years old
Came back to PPKF when is human father crossed over the rainbow bridge. He lives with Pouncer and loves life. Thyroid issues has made him lose his coat but his wardrobe out of
Koji 13 years old
We became aware of him on Craigslist and found his way to PPKF. He has skin issues that make him itch. Seems to be a nice boy.
Hans 11 years old
Came to PPKF as a puppy mill survivor from National Mill Dog Rescue. Lives with his human and two Great Pyrs. He is very fond of a neighbor that visits often. Recently his pack grew to include an older cat. Hans has settled in nicely as a house dog and loves new family a lot.
Bree - 7 years old
Came to PPKF as a 1 year old but never recovered from her initial year in a puppy mill. Some dogs are just sensitive that way. Over the years she has made improvement but has never bonded to human touch and doesn't give any indication of ever wanting to be petted or touched in any way. She does like other dogs and lives with her own pack who follows and plays with her,


We have asked their foster families to write a short biography
and send an updated picture.
Last updated November 2017

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