Peak to Peak Keeshond Fanciers, Inc.

Sharon Miller
Vice President
Lonnie Casement
Carol Schwenk
Cheryl Howley
Board / Member at Large
Joyce Kramer
Rescue Chair Lonnie Casement
Rescue Co-Chair Sharon Miller
Rescue Member Carol Schwenk
Rescue Member Rosy Lipphardt
Newsletter Sharon Miller
Historian Skip Kramer
Facebook Page Cheryl Howley
Web Page Rosy Lipphardt
`By-Laws Carol Schwenk
`Fundraising Carol Schwenk, Cindy Christen, Rosy Lipphardt
`Events Donna Powell
`Photographer Skip Kramer

How Do I Join PPKF? We ask that you come to one or two meetings so you can evaluate the Club and decide if you really want to be an active member. This will also give the Club members a chance to say hello and answer your questions. Once you know that you want to join, you will be given a membership application. You fill out the application, sign the bottom and ask two members for sponsorship, attach your check for dues, which are stated on the application, and bring it to a meeting. A newsletter subscription is included in the price of the dues. Your membership application will be read by the President at a general meeting then will be voted upon. When approved your name will be added to the membership list, which you will receive a copy of, and also a copy of the constitution and by-laws.

What Are A Members Opportunities? We encourage PPKF members to be active in the Club. We welcome member who can add their special skills to our group by serving on committees, or on the Board of Directors in the capacity of an officer or a board member. From time to time we find great Keeshond items, and members can get a discounted price. Best of all you get the chance to talk to people who understand your love and excitement about the breed and discover you are not alone, or crazy!

What Are A Members Responsibilities?
We ask that members attend as many meetings as possible and participate in those meetings. The more we have, the better the Club will be. We ask that when the Club is sponsoring a fundraiser that members volunteer in helping as much as they can. Because we are a small growing organization, participation makes growth possible. And most of all we ask members to abide by the constitution and by-laws set forth by the club.

Contact Webmaser: R Lipphardt Last updated June 2017